Portable PreSonus Studio One v1.5.2x86 Pro

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Portable PreSonus Studio One v1.5.2x86 Pro
Portable PreSonus Studio One v1.5.2x86 Pro|work in Windows XP,Vista,Win 7

it s packaged in vmware thinapp v program is registered|rar|33.2 mb

Audio Editor software and audio / MIDI sequencer Studio One with Windows XP / Vista, introduced by Presonus Frankfurt exhibition in the spring, is provided with not only all professional functions necessary musician and arranger in the production of music, but also some new developments, distinguishes this program from a number of traditional audio applications.

What s New
* New AKAI MIDI input devices (LPD8, MPD26 and MPD18)
* Crash resizing Transform window in Editor
* Improved performance issues with small buffer sizes
* Improved sound quality with envelope auto speed in Dynamics Plugins
* Save not working when song is opened in Browser
* Solo was disengaged when CMD clicking on an event (with solo follows selection enabled)
* Drag and Drop from browser to some 3rd party plugins not working (OSX only)
* Editor does not switch to drum editor automatically when loading Impact
* Mixdown path not updated when saved to new folder
* Automation and Inspector values not the same for MIDI program changes
* Tuner did not work with all buffer sizes
* Only events in active track layer were adjusted when changing track tempo mode
* Drum map not correctly loaded when using drag and drop
* Info view can be placed at the bottom with detached mixer
* Level clip counter not working correctly
* Instrument bounce not exact when Master Channel has plugin delay
* Channel Fader can display when turned completely down 144 dB
* Drag and Drop not working when mouse buttons swapped in the mouse options (Windows only)
* Hanging note in mojito when changeing velocity
* Project: Occasional gaps in Digital Release
* Project: Performance issue with disabled tracks
* Limiter in ISL mode clips
* Cuemix output should be in Solo Save mode by default

At the heart of Studio One is a mechanism for automatic switching between resolution 32 bit computing and 64 bit float. Switching occurs in real time, even in the operating system with 32 bit wide. This provides excellent sound quality and compatibility with Audio Interface ASIO, Windows Audio, and Core Audio, including all product line Presonus.
Studio One is a new music creation and production application for Windows
XP / Seven that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering
simple right out of the box, yet provides a wealth of professional
Fresh code, innovative drag and drop MIDI mapping and plug in management,
auto configuration with PreSonus hardware, good audio quality, unlimited
tracks and plug ins per track and a powerful, inventive, Start page that
puts the whole project right in your hands are just a few of the compelling
features that make Studio One the next generation in audio software,
according to PreSonus.
Studio One gives you a complete, easy to use solution from raw tracks to
finished master, while supporting the latest standards and technologies.
Elegant single window work environment.
Powerful drag and drop functionality.
Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses and FX
Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player.
Integrated mastering solution with automatic mix updating, waveform
editing, effects, Red Book CD burning, and digital release.
Automatic delay compensation.
Advanced automation.
64 bit processing (even on 32 bit machines).
Easy to use sidechain routing.
64 bit effects suite.
Virtual instruments collection.
User friendly sampler.
Intuitive MIDI mapping system.
Real time audio timestretching and resampling.
VST2, VST3, and ReWire support.
K System metering.
Compatible with any ASIO , Windows Audio compliant audio interface
Changes in v1.5
See included> WhatsNew.txt
Language: English
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
Language English

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