GemX do-Organizer 4.0.7

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GemX do-Organizer 4.0.7
GemX do Organizer 4.0.7 | 21.07 MB

GemX do Organizer is a versatile, elegant, customizable and friendly information management system for private or business use, with a refreshing difference. It s not your usual box approach organizer. Built with the personal and professional needs in mind. do Organizer offers an integrated solution for managing and organizing Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Daily Journals, Brain Storming, Planner Events, full Email client, URLs bookmark manager and a Vault for keeping all your sensitive information such as passwords highly secure environment. do Organizer makes managing and organizing your daily affairs a breeze.

* Clean and intuitive user friendly interface.
* Full graphical standard Windows interface.
* Low system resource requirements.
* Main window snapping to the desktop.
* Can import TexNotes , WizQuote and Outlook data.
* Can import and export to a PocketPC.
* File storage and structure supported with an internal industrial strength GemX DobermanDB database engine.
* Non traditional focused based, multi linked data management.
* Support for large database files subject to your storage device capacity.

Key features:
Home represents a digest of current affairs, as well as new mail in your mailbox.
Calendar the ideal in terms of ease of use interface: the time change simply by dragging the edge of the framework, the detailed contents of the event in a popup window when you hover the mouse cursor over it, very practical calendar for two months at the top right of the window and exhaustive information box for each event.
Tasks pervasive bookmark with a list of all the current problems are not tied to a specific time on a calendar with additional elements in the individual planning.
Contacts the primary and secondary addresses, links to the pages and e mail, information on phone numbers, addresses, a bookmark with detailed comments, which are filled with full fledged editor, unlimited list of network addresses, in one way or another connected with this contact, custom markers of individual cards (color, flag, etc.) as well as the ability to customize the interface of contact databases indefinitely, locking in your card, say, eye color, hair, weight, height, relationship, etc.
Tasks tasks interface offers unlimited space for the flight of thought.
Scribe full recordings made in the full editor with support for tables, formatting, and powerful system of reciprocal linking notes with all the other elements of the knowledge base of our organizer. Every element of the program can associate with each other, and holds it in a separate ergonomic window: for example, open any task (Task), select the bookmark Related Links it click the button Add Link and then produce a bundle with any relational Appointment, Contact, Journal, Scribe, Mindscape, etc.
Journal a personal diary in which you consider all the current thoughts as they relate to time.
Planner visual system of annual planning, which operates the thematic clusters (projects).
Linx a collection of Internet bookmarks with multiple markers, a rating system and detailed full length commentaries.
Reports hundreds of built in reports to help you analyze any information that you enter into GemX do Organizer.
Mindscape a complete system, brain mapping , has the support of all of the same system of mutual coordination of all elements of the program, in other words, each element of the brain maps (mind map) can be linked to Contacts, Notes, a journal entry, task, etc.
Mailer built in e mail program is very similar to Outlook.
Resources a database to accommodate users of the organizer. Has the ability to distribute the tasks among the users of the system, password protection of data, etc.
Vault system for storing sensitive information passwords, notes, logins, financial details, etc. There is an option to set a date for expiration of a password with a reminder of the need to replace it.
Finance mini system of personal finance. Though the mini, but it is an adult. The number of data and categorical fields provided in the module Finance, will satisfy the most sophisticated queries.

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